Mabon Blessings

Hey all and Blessings of the Full Moon and Mabon to you. It’s a time for feasting, harvesting, and gathering with friends and family. Although we are still battling a pandemic we can still have celebrations with those people who are close to us and we share a home with. Having a big meal and focusing on the fruits of the season like Apples is the perfect way to celebrate the season.

Go Gathering

I personally love to gather things in the area around my home. Acorns, Pine Cones, Bones, Animal Feathers. If you go for a walk around your neighborhood or in your local national park there is endless inspiration during every season. Found objects are among the most sacred objects and look beautiful on a seasonal altar.


I personally prefer to do very simple rituals around Mabon. I will for instance make a basket of offerings of fruits and grains and that will become the focus of my harvest ritual. You can eat some of the offerings as long as some are retained for sacrifice. I Like to put the offerings for the Gods in a separate bowl or basket.

However you celebrate enjoy the season!

Blessed Be.

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I am a quirky guy with an array of interests. Here is Short list, Open source and Free Software, Astronomy, Physics, History, Philosophy. I am also a pretty good Amatuer musician.

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