Blessed Full Moon

Blessed Full Moon everyone. Do you make moon water? I am sure some of you are wondering… “Wait What is that?” I am glad you asked.

One of the skills of the Witch is collecting and distilling the virtues of the Moon. There are several methods for collecting moon water but this this is one of the more simple ones. Take a jar and fill it with water. It’s best if this is water from a running stream or river but if all you have is tap water that will work. Fill the jar and add to it a quartz crystal to help enhance the working. Bring the jar outside on the night of the Full Moon. Hold it up in the moons light and say something to the effect of “Blessed lady of the night fill this vessel with your light”

Visualize the energy of the moon going into the jar. When it can hold no more energy say something to the effect of. “Bound and charged I will you be, this water is blessed so mote it be”

Now you have your Moon Water. Store it out of the sunlight. In a silk bag or in a dark drawer will be good. This can be repeated anytime the energy of the water is getting low.

You can use this water to enhance your workings. Add it to a magick mirror or crystal ball for enhanced scrying. Add it to your third eye or eyelids before undertaking vision work for enhanced clairvoyance. You can also use it to bless yourself when you feel you need the moons energy in your life.

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I am a quirky guy with an array of interests. Here is Short list, Open source and Free Software, Astronomy, Physics, History, Philosophy. I am also a pretty good Amatuer musician.

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