Yule and New Year Blessings

It was a year filled with so many amazing things. It saw the growth of our study group community. It saw the chartering of our shrine and it’s growth. As we stand at the beginning of 23 Aquarius we look forward to the many wonderful things in store for us. Still many that have yet to be revealed. We look forward to even more time spent with old friends, the excitement of meeting new friends, and the journeys we take to new and familiar places. We look forward to time spent with new books or revisiting those books we have read a million times. This really is an amazing time to just reflect and realize all the wonderful things ahead.

As for our little corner of the Correllian community we have great things in store. A year full of rituals, learning, field trips, and general mischief. I look forward to sharing it with you all and feel excited to be a part of this community and the wider Correllian family. In this tradition we are always up for adventure, fun and laughs and those are amazing qualities to cultivate when doing spiritual work.

I am sending all the readers of this a very bright year ahead and I look forward to sharing it with you.


Rev. Mike

Published by drascus

I am a quirky guy with an array of interests. Here is Short list, Open source and Free Software, Astronomy, Physics, History, Philosophy. I am also a pretty good Amatuer musician.

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