Over the course of the study group we have received some great questions. Below is the most common ones with answers or links to answers

Q: Can I become initiated clergy through the study group?
A: No you need to register at witchschool.com and complete their first degree training program along with a mentor. We provide an additional layer of training and interaction to that training program.

Q: Am I joining a temple/coven?
A: No we are a discussion group we are affiliated with Temple Arcere but you are not joining the temple by joining our study group?

Q: What is this Correllian Wicca thing? What is it’s history? What makes it different?
A: The best place for these questions is here: Correllian official site

Q: What if I don’t agree with something in the lesson material do I need to leave the group?
A: you are not required to believe or agree with anything. This information should spark curiosity and interest. It should get you thinking and make you ask questions. I only ask that you read and understand the material and then you can form your own opinion on what you believe.