Our Shrine

In Correllian Wicca there are several different types of groups. Shrines are the beginning forms of temples. However there are different types of Shrines as well. For more on this you can see this page : Correllian Groups . Our Shrine is a Formal Distance Shrine of Temple Arcere. What this means is that we operate as a Coven for members that are too far to travel to northeast MA for ritual with Temple Arcere.

We serve Southeastern Massachusetts, based in the Taunton area we are a comfortable drive for most people on the south shore. We celebrate the Full Moon Esbats as well as the traditional 8 Sabbats of Wicca. New Moon Esbats are generally privately observed unless there is some reason to gather for specific group work. We also occasionally meet for classes as necessary and with the study group can assist members looking for additional interaction on the first degree lessons.

What is the process for joining?

We are always open to new members. You begin the process by emailing me either using the form on the join study group page or by using this email link: wildwaysshrine@gmail.com

After I receive your email you will get an email back with a short questionnaire. Also we will set up a time for an interview which can be conducted over google meets, or in person which ever works better for you. The meeting is to ensure this group will be a good fit for you, and to answer any of your questions etc.


Q: If I join the group and decide it’s not right for me how do I leave?

A: You just let us know. There is no requirement to be in the group if it’s not a good fit. There will be no hard feelings or pressure we want you to be where you need to be.

Q: Is there a requirement for ritual attendance?

A: For people seeking clergy status we ask for attendance in 6 out of 8 Sabbats and 10 out of 13 moons. For outercourt members we are fairly flexible and just ask you come as much as you are able. It’s important to note we do not make decisions on who can be clergy, we do not hand out degrees, that can only be done by the tradition proper and you need to work with your mentor and through the traditions body for degree status.

Q: I am seeking first degree can this group train me?

A: We can assist in your training. However petitioning for first degree within the Correllian Tradition requires that you work with a mentor and complete all the lessons and requirements as listed on Correllian.com. We can and will help you every step of the way.

Q: I want to attend rituals but i’m not sure if I want to join a group is that still possible?

A: We will hold certain rituals each year as open rituals for the wider community. If you want to be placed on the open rituals list but don’t want to join a formal group let me know in email and I will put your email on that list.